Timetable of the Swiss Association for Postal History

25.11.1924 |Foundation of the SSSV
The Swiss Special Collectors' Association was founded in... Here is some missing text..... Who founded and where was it founded. After how many years what number of members. On the desktop page this should be at least 5 lines. Otherwise such a title is not worthwhile.

6.10.1935 | Foundation Swiss Old Letter Chamber Association (SAV)
Here a text is missing.....  Who founded and where was it founded. After how many years what number of members

1934 | Exhibition NABA Zurich For the first time postal history exhibits were shown
At the NABA Zurich, 71 traditional exhibits and 21 exhibits on postal history were on display. At that time, postal history included home collections and pre-philately.  General cancellation collection up to 1890 was rated gold His words on the new trend: I find the inclusion of pre-philately letters in exhibits more interesting and informative.

1965 | Exhibition NABA Bern/ increase of exhibits postal history  
At the NABA Berne 129 traditional exhibits were shown and 27 exhibits on postal history. 1 exhibit on postal stationery, 21 exhibits on aerophilately, 24 thematic philately. Pre-philately and home collections were still considered postal history. Collecting by rates, routes and destinations had not yet been invented. As was collecting by historical events.

1969 | First publication of the Bulltin/ magazine of the SAV  
Here is a missing text.....  Who founded it and where. After how many years what number of members

1974 | Merger of the SSSV and the SAV to form the Swiss Old Letter and Special Collectors' Association (SASV)
Here a text is missing..... why the merger, what number of members......

1984 | Exhibition NABA Zurich
At the NABA Zurich 131 traditional exhibits and 87 postal history exhibits were judged.
For the first time, postal history was a separate class in the exhibition and included old covers, postmarks, home collections, destinations by rate and routing.

7.3.1992 | Renamed Swiss Association for Postal History (SVPg)
Here is a missing text..... The reason was.... it is due to the exhibition regulations

X | Membership in the Federation of Swiss Philatelic Societies (VSPHV)
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2000 | Exhibition NABA2000 St. Gallen
At the NABA Zurich 89 traditional exhibits and 80 postal history exhibits were evaluated.
Postal history is evolving.

22.4.2016 |IMPOSTA 2016 Exhibition International Postal History             
In cooperation with the Glarus Philatelic Society, the SVPg is organising for the first time in its history, a competitive exhibition on International Postal History, with an international jury team. During the 3-day exhibition, many fans of postal history from all over the world found their way to Glarus to attend this special event.

2018 | Exhibition NABA Lugano
For the first time, more postal history exhibits were shown at NABA Lugano than traditional ones.  There were 40 traditional exhibits and 68 postal history exhibits.